Articles by or about Chris Alberti


·      Laowai NOT – “Just Like Home (Chris Alberti)” (China Daily online video series, January 2016) (click here for the video, here for the article)

·      Asia Venture Capital Journal, “Silver Lining” (Chris Alberti interview) (May 2013) (click here)

·      “Just Like Home”, by Todd Balazovic (China Daily, November 30, 2012) (click here)

·      “Private Equity Investment Through Strategic Alliances”, By C. Christopher Alberti (2007 Asia Private Equity and Venture Forum – Japan, Tokyo, April 2007)

·      “Negotiating from the Middle - Advising Joint Ventures, Alliances and Other New Business Arrangements”, by C. Christopher Alberti (presented at the ABA Business Law Section Annual Meeting 2001) (click here)


Other Articles


·      “Contract Formation in Imperfect Markets: Should We Use Mediators in Deals?”, by Scott R. Peppet (Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution, Volume 19,Number 2, 2004) (click here)

·      “Transactional Mediation: Using Mediators in Deals”, by Scott R. Peppet (The Colorado Lawyer, October 2003, Vol. 32, No. 10) (click here)