Mediation Services

C. Christopher Alberti

·          Highly personalized business advisory, mergers and acquisitions and business development services to companies, investors and family offices

·          Expertise in finance, healthcare services (senior housing, nursing homes, hospitals), real estate investments and real estate dependent operating businesses

·          Specialty in cross-border investment, alliances and joint ventures, particularly between China and the United States and Chinese companies

·          Mediation “tool chest" applied in all negotiations to assure careful examination of interests and goals within each party and among all parties -- “Mediating the Front End of the Deal”™


·          Commercial and Financial Disputes

·          Alliances, Joint Ventures, and Complex Business Arrangements

·          Cross-border, Multi-National, Multi-Party Matters

·          Family Offices and Businesses

·          M&A (Acquisitions, Investments), Private Equity, Venture Capital

·          Real Estate – Investment, Development, Financing

·          Healthcare Services – Hospitals, Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living

·          Institutional Investors, Pension Funds and Endowments

·          Specialty in investment, alliances and joint ventures between U.S. and Chinese companies

Business Consulting